Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chapter 2: The Man

here's the second chapter of my story: The Zoo! I quickly hid in the shadows of the dark cave so not to be seen by this "monster" I heard. I heard footsteps getting closer and closer, faster and faster, And then as my life flashed through my mind I heard a scream as if in pity of something. Then I heard this thing run away. "What could that be?" I asked my self, as a sound of burlap or maybe a thick rope of twine being unraveled met my ears. I saw something drop in the cave, but it did not look like a monster it looked more like a rope! was someone trying to save me from a vicious monster? Then a quire sight met my eyes, it was an elderly man climbing down the rope! I crawled out of the shadows to meet this man, he walked over to me, helped me up, and in a jolly voice greeted me with a "Howdy!". "Um, hi…" I said in a shy way. "What are you doing here?" I asked, and after that I was told a story that could never be proved, or could it?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Zoo

Hi, I'm writing a story, and I would like to share it with you… I call it The Zoo! (I will be posting regularly on this subject.) Well here's my first chapter: Ch.1 the hole It all started with a simple mistake. I was walking home from school when suddenly "Oof!", I fell in a hole. I looked up hoping it was only a hole dug in the dirt road I trot by a dog, but I was disappointed and also quite surprised to find it was ten feet deep! Suddenly a bell rung so loud the bravest viking would have screamed like a little girl, I heard a howl and a sound I would never forget: "OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOO!". I forgot I was in North Idaho, I thought I was in the deepest jungle of Africa being hunted! Hope you liked the first chapter of my story, pleas comment below. p.s. This story is completely fiction. -Julia Kime

Saturday, October 4, 2014


my dad says he lost his job, we may have to move… but I have so many good friends here, I feel really sad. ugh! pleas, I would like it if you would pray for our family… Thanks -Julia Kime

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sea World!

acouple of days ago I visited sea world! it was realy cool there, I went on my first actual roller coster! but I guess I should start at the biging; well, a coupel of days ago my mom told us when were going to sea world, I thought that she ment the summer day-camp I was going to at my local aquarium (the birch aquarium). later I learned that it was actualy sea world. we woke up realy early when the BIG day came, ok, I admit we only woke up at around 8:00 but still, it's summer! well, any way... we all got dressed and stuff, we grabbed some water bottels, and I grabbed some stuff for me to do. we all got in the car, the boys put their sun-screen on (I had already put on mine), and we left. when we got there we all got our water bottels and got out of the car. we walked over to the sidewalk and waited for my cousen and my aunt. we saw them waving at us and we waved back at them. they walked over and we walked in to sea world. we scaned our tickets and walked to the "explorer's reef". I peted a shark and a horse shoe crab!(so much happend I forggot the order of some of the things that happend). we walked all over the place and found a roller coster called "journey to atlantis", my brothers, my cousin, and I decided to ride it; we walked over to the line (you had to go through a cool cave thingy), got in line (it was a very short line), and when it was our turn, we got in the cart. we buckled up our seat belts and the person who worked there checked them to make sure they were secure. we started moving, we started going up a really steep hill, and when we reached the top, we zoomed down as fast as imaginable. I was terrified! the bottom of the hill was covered in water and we got soaked! then we went around a turn and moved into a room, the room looked like a temple sorta, then, there was this cracking sound from out of nowhere, we looked down and we saw that the temple had sprung a leak (the leak was supposed to happen)! then the cart moved into another room and the room started moving up and the wall we were facing opened up! we zoomed down, left, and right, and then we got to the part were you get off, but we had so much fun we decided to go again! then we went to a shop that had pretzels and churos (basically a unrolled cinnamon roll). I had a chewy pretzel shaped like a orca, and my brothers had churos. then we went to a ride called "wild arctic", they had this big rom you walked into, and you walched this little video and you got shook around and around it was really cool! and when I was there I got splashed by a orca! -Julia

Monday, June 23, 2014

the what to do list

Ya know when you are so bored and you don't know what to do? Well, grab a piece of paper and write at the top OH, WHAT TO DO LIST. List a bunch of stuff you like to do, and some stuff you have to do. then when ever you are bored look on your OH, WHAT TO DO LIST, and find something to do; and when you think of other stuff you can do you can add them to the list to! -Julia Kime

Friday, June 20, 2014

beach day

today me and my family went to the beach. I was packing my backpack when I decided to pack a tofee filled chocolat bar for every one in the car (4). we started driving to the beach so I decided to look in my backpack for somthing to do, I grabed my book that I brought with me, but I didn't really want to read. so I decided to take some photos with my camra, but, I found out I was almost out of batery, so I just sat there, eating tofee filled choclat bars. after a little while we got to the beach. we parked, and as I was putting on sunscreen my brother realized the car was rolling with me and my mother in it! my mother quikley saved us from crashing in to the car behind us, and we all laghed, ya know I don't realy get why we think it's funny to make a mistake, in this case not parking your car the right way on a hill. well I fineshed putting sunscreen on my face, and got out of the car. while we walked the rest of the way to the beach I wiped the sunscreen off my glasses ( I made the mistake of leaving my glasses on while puting on my sun screen), and talked to my mother, she suddenly turned around and grabed the sunscreen out of the car, put some on and kept walking. when we got to the beach and found a nice spot to play, my mom set her purse down and sat down, my brothers took they'r shouse and socks off and I put my backpack down, and my brothers and I played in the water. one of my brothers started skiping stones, my other brother started chasing me, and I jumped in the waves. my mom came over to me and we just stood there, with water swirling around our legs, our feet geting beride by sand, it was fun. every wanse and a while a big wave would come and get our shorts wet, but it was still really fun. we walked back to our car and drove home. while we were driving home I realized why I probably should not have brought all of those tofee filled chocalite bars, I started to feal sick, but happily I did not throw up. I had a fun day at the beach, very fun. -Julia